Why Choose ConnectionPOINT?

With exceptional reporting and support, our industry-leading ConnectionPOINT program empowers sponsors to gain access to best-in-class solutions that allow them to optimize technology to solve complex problems throughout clinical development. Partnering with approved endpoint partners creates opportunities by decreasing risk and uncertainty through leveraging advanced clinical technology across the industry’s best eClinical technologies. Through strong, vetted partnerships, endpoint and our partners leverage our collective expertise and strengths to offer integrated solutions and meaningful insights, reducing the occurrence of delays and allowing you to close trials more quickly.

By leveraging ConnectionPOINT, sponsors can deliver new, life-changing treatments to patients, faster than ever.

Partner Benefits

  • Identify joint opportunities and work together to maximize results
  • Align business goals and implement a strategy to meet expectations
  • On-demand training on endpoint systems for sales and product teams
  • Co-marketing opportunities including PR, social media, case studies, customer testimonials, video testimonials, webinars, workshops, and speaking opportunities.

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What We Believe

  • We believe collaboration will transform the future of drug development. We know it’s challenging and painstaking work. And it takes time.
  • Some of us may never see the hope of a medical breakthrough come to fruition. Yet that’s exactly what motivates us – we strive to simplify incredibly complex processes to save valuable time.
  • That is what fuels our passion – the knowledge that, someday soon, we will make a difference in the lives of people around the world.
  • While our customers focus on the development of new and innovative therapies, we focus on the flawless execution of bringing them to market. We unify traditionally disparate processes.
  • We efficiently connect massive amounts of data. And we create partnerships that standardize that data and lead to actionable insights.
  • We do this faster. Smarter. Together.
  • We are inspired by the work of life sciences. And we aspire to bring confidence to those who do this work. Confidence that you are making the right decisions about your trials, your sites, and most importantly, your patients.
  • We are committed to moving you forward efficiently and effectively with powerful insights. We promise to keep you ahead of industry innovations so you can lead the clinical trials of the future. And we promise you the flexibility to choose only solutions that will create a more unified, integrated research experience.

Trusted Insights & Expertise to Accelerate Outcomes

Core Values to Partners


Strategic conversations early on lead to more effective decision making to benefit customers


Leveraging the strength of the most respected brands in the eClinical technology market


Opportunities to engage with new clients in global markets


Being part of an eClinical technology network consisting of the most trusted advisors and providers in the industry


Enabling direct interaction between ecosystem partners across the eClinical landscape