Webinar | December 2 at 11am EDT
IRT and Temperature Monitoring of IMPs: How the Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Protects Patient Safety in Trials

Patient safety is key during a clinical trial. With the increase in development of biologics and complex drugs, more and more studies involve temperature-sensitive investigational medicinal products (IMPs) requiring technologies capable of managing pharmaceutical cold chain logistics.

In this webinar, learn how endpoint and Berlinger have worked closely together on a tightly integrated workflow that will enable data to flow seamlessly between endpoint’s interactive response technology (IRT) software and the Berlinger SmartView system. This allows complete oversight on the status of IMPs in real-time and adjudication on excursions, as appropriate. This integration leads to less human error, faster decision-making, reduction of expedited shipments, more rapid audit preparations, and increased patient safety.

Register for this webinar to learn how:

  • End-to-end temperature monitoring benefits clinical trials and patient safety
  • To make the best use of available data from the pharmaceutical cold chain
  • endpoint IRT and Berlinger SmartView work together to achieve a seamless data workflow

Debbie Streahorn, Senior Program Manager, endpoint Clinical and Harald van Weeren, Segment Manager Clinical Trials, Team Lead Segment Management, Berlinger & Co. AG


December 2, 2021

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