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You need your IRT system to be up and running before you first patient enrolls.The Point: Custom IRT solution, no matter the complexity, in just one month.


You trust your IRT solution will fit your trial design and adapt to its complexities.The Point: The PULSE® platform is feature-rich and accommodates any trial.


You rely on your IRT provider to be the driving force behind your IRT solution.The Point: IRT specialists with up to 20 years of experience.


You expect your IRT to supply sites with product on time and without waste.The Point: Expertly designed IRT averts costly errors.

Other IRT providers claim they can do it, we prove it.

endpoint-drive-iconSave time, reduce waste and optimize the supply chain of your early phase non-IRT and investigator-sponsored trials with DRIVE.

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endpoint-pulse-iconManage every aspect of your inventory supply chain with real-time reports and configurable supply parameters with PULSE.

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