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San Francisco, Calif., April 25, 2017 – endpoint Clinical, a leading global interactive response technology (IRT®) company, has announced a significant enhancement to its proprietary PULSE® platform, reshaping the way IRT is applied to clinical trials.

“Since the initiation of endpoint in 2009, we have been continuously improving IRT through our organic growth model. The result is the industry’s most integrated and powerful combination of patient and clinical supply management,” said Chuck Harris, CEO.

endpoint has recently combined the cutting-edge features of its industry-leading configurable IRT platform, PULSE, with its revolutionary global inventory management tool, DRIVE, into a single, unified and seamless solution. This concept was developed with clinical supply experts across the industry and is packed with innovations. It extends IRT accessibility and affordability to clients’ entire clinical development portfolio, including investigator initiated trials (IIT) and early phase, late phase and compassionate use studies.

The IRT industry continues to operate at the protocol-level, despite the true industry need. The PULSE-DRIVE fusion shifts that paradigm to look across protocols, which provides access to novel functionality supporting operations and regulatory needs such as supply pooling, robust temperature excursion management, and therapeutic- and compound-level reporting. By centralizing cross-protocol data, this solution seamlessly integrates with advanced simulation and optimization solutions to provide accurate upfront and ongoing forecasting for supply planning and operations in the field using actual IRT data.

“One of the key factors to the successful evolution of endpoint’s products is our leadership’s laser-like focus on the IRT space and how it should be transformed,” said Christine Oliver, COO. “We have built our platforms in-house through an unmatched understanding of system integration, hands-on experience in supply chain management, and a relentless focus on the ever-evolving challenges in clinical trial design.”

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About endpoint
endpoint is an interactive response technology (IRT®) systems and solutions provider that supports the life sciences industry. Since 2009, we have been working with a single vision in mind — to help sponsors and pharmaceutical companies achieve clinical trial success. Our solutions, realized through the proprietary PULSE® platform, have proven to maximize the supply chain, minimize operational costs, and ensure timely and accurate patient dosing. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, endpoint has a global footprint in the APAC region and Europe.