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As our global community faces times of change and uncertainty with the COVID-19, we are here to continue to engage with the life science industry through virtual education.  We encourage open discussions into ways that we, as a technology provider, can help pave the path to prepare for future scenarios, ensuring that your critical clinical trials and patient care remain unimpacted.

With the challenges to date with patients and investigators being able to travel to sites to obtain medication and administer patient visits, it’s an opportune time to discuss leveraging technology for direct to patient and virtual trials for the future.

We encourage our community to learn more about how to employ technology to manage your supply chain when it comes to virtual trials in our first IndustryPOINTS segment below.  Additionally, we encourage you to visit the ISPE blog around direct to patient and virtual trials, which we participated in with a consortium of other IRT providers.

With patient care at our core, we are dedicated to partnering with Sponsors and providing the technology necessary to manage your clinical trials virtually, so the impact we see today will be one we never face again!

Topic 1:  Employing Technology to Better Manage Your Supply Chain


Technology solutions can provide visibility to a variety of information, giving you unparalleled data transparency to help you streamline supply chain operations and accelerate trial timelines.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand how technology can better organize data to drive informed decisions
  • Gain insight into how Blockchain and AI may transform your processes in the future
  • Recommendations on what you can do to help make technology work for you

IndustryPOINTS: Connecting & Educating the Life Sciences Industry


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