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A typical drug development cycle can take a decade or more to process a new drug from discovery, through the trial phases to launch. In the post-COVID-19 world, we see disruptive innovation, inspiring a change in momentum to create new therapies quickly and efficiently from discovery to launch. Historically, pharma has taken a highly conservative approach to new technologies and strategies to limit risk, and the regulatory space has constrained innovation to ensure the safety of patients and the quality of the data. Recently, regulatory officials have created new guidelines to advance clinical trials for treatment. These factors are driving breakthrough innovation in pharma that will increase speed and accuracy to move the processes from 10-15 years to 18 months!

Key innovation disruptors include:

  • A worldwide priority to increase the speed and accuracy of the drug discovery – launch process.
  • Regulatory collaboration has created new guidelines to advance clinical trials for treatment.
  • Process acceleration through shared information and technologies will decrease time constraints during trials.
  • The climate is stimulating innovation to meet increased speed and accuracy throughout the process.

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