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Join endpoint’s Sr. Director of IT, John Jankowski as he shares what he learned at RSA about how to stop worrying and start loving your VPN. Even security experts make mistakes, find out what mistakes the security experts make and how you can do better.

What You’ll Learn

  • Avoid open WiFi networks
  • Use secure connections like dedicated hotspots
  • Use VPN
  • Phone apps – an overlooked security risk


John Jankowski, Sr. Director of IT endpoint Clinical

John leads endpoint’s IT organization and has run IT and technology efforts since 1998. Before joining endpoint Clinical in 2015 John has led IT for Retail, Service, and SaaS companies. Also, he has deep experience across regulated industries. In these roles he has focused on delivering technology solutions to the business, ensuring secure environments and data handling, and building teams that deliver robust solutions for the company. John lives in San Francisco with his wife and dog and enjoys the ability to partake in a weekend drive to the wine country.

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