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Did you miss "Interfacing – it’s okay to have FITS! (If it is Fearlessly Integrated Trial Systems)", presented by endpoint’s Vincent Puglia, Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe? Every day you are the resident expert of your own personal domain of interfaced devices, systems, and data moving forward through life – why should your navigating of a transparent world stop at the door of the trials to which you are dedicated?   Times have changed, the technology has caught up and is accelerating, and you should have expectations for your “three F’s of interfacing success”

Fearless. Interfacing systems should not be that hard. The information and designs should be presented clearly and cleverly. And security should start far upstream and be an intrinsic part of the solutions being presented. Study teams should not be afraid to bring in the best technology in service of subjects and high-quality data for fear of jeopardizing trial goals or timelines.

Freedom. The freedom to combine components, the freedom to roam eClinical ecosystems, and the freedom to move on and iterate. Let’s discuss how “All for one” is truly better than “one for all”.

Frictionless. Sponsors are adding new tools and new partners to their portfolio. Data flow is no longer a one-way street. Trial partners need for frictionless, bi-directional data connections that are site and system agnostic. A smooth continuum can and should exist beyond just the technology too and include how partners and processes interact, striving to make engagement with vendor-partners an extension of the trial team and not an additional challenge to manage.


Vincent PugliaVincent Puglia, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, endpoint

Vincent Puglia is Senior Director, Strategic Alliances at endpoint.  Vincent Puglia is a life-long operations and business management professional with a 24-year career across construction, environmental science, technology, and pharmaceuticals.

Vincent has specialized in the design, implementation, and execution of technological programs while operating across highly regulated industries and answering to regulatory bodies such as the FDA and EPA. His work in pharmaceutical tech has allowed him to work on his first love – IRT – but also on ePRO, mobile app, and medical device development. Vincent has also worked extensively on large-scale integration projects and has become an SME in direct-to-patient program logistics and management.

Currently serving as endpoint’s Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, Vincent provides leadership at the nexus of building relationships, innovating technology, and driving collaborative efforts to design, build and grow systems of all types and complexity in the real and digital world in the service of patients and clinical trials.

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