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Oncology is a growing area of clinical trial research with a monumental consequence to failure. Therefore, efficient clinical trial design strategies that expedite the development of oncology drugs and biologics are necessary. 

In this session, led by endpoint’s VP of Clinical Innovation and Quality, Cat Hall, you will learn:

  • The current key trends and tides in oncology studies.

  • How to best design both adaptive trials and master protocols to maximize results.

  • The benefits of leveraging technology when managing complex oncology studies and the critical data-driven insights you’ll gain by doing so.

Cat HallCatherine Hall, VP of Product Strategy, endpoint Clinical

Cat Hall started her career as an academic scientist in Molecular and Cellular Biology before finishing her MBA and transitioning into Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management. During her career, she developed notable expertise not only in clinical supplies but also in training development, process improvement, managing partnerships, and the design and implementation of technologies such as Interactive Response Technology (IRT).  She is well-known for focusing on bridging the GMP/GCP gap by bringing supply chain customer service through the last mile to patients. Cat joined endpoint in 2019 as VP of Product Strategy to help continue to bring the customer voice forward into shaping the future of IRT.


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