endpoint is the destination for people who are passionate about delivering the most innovative and high-quality IRT solutions for clinical trials. We find purpose through hard work and a commitment to excellence, resulting in a competitive advantage unparalleled in the industry.

Through endpoint’s culture of accountability and execution, we ensure that our customers are able to focus on the science of developing lifesaving medications for patients.


A world where seamlessly integrated technology drives clinical trials.


Employer of Choice


We collaborate and share knowledge to advance our mission.


We provide an environment in which you are encouraged and expected to do great things.


We are committed to hiring, developing and retaining the most dedicated and passionate people.


Everyone at endpoint is a leader.

Provider of Choice


endpoint’s IRT solutions drive new found efficiencies and unparalleled data transparency to support our customers’ search for novel therapies.


The endpoint mantra is ‘We Are the Patient’ — a persistent nod to the importance of everything that we do.


Our customers inform the endpoint road map — we listen to their challenges and provide novel solutions.

Partner of Choice


We deliver the most innovative patient and supply management solutions on the market through endpoint’s continuously evolving PULSE® platform.


Our belief is that endpoint should be the hub for e-Clinical technology integration.


When novel partnership opportunities arise, endpoint is the preferred partner to ensure the best outcome.


We ask you to trust us and we take that seriously. endpoint’s system of personnel, technology, policies, and processes embeds a quality, privacy, and security mindset in everything we do.


We make sound financial decisions to ensure long-term growth and prosperity for our shareholders.


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Our Experts

They represent some of the sharpest minds in software development, project management, design management, testing, technical support, R&D, IT, data management, quality assurance.

    Adam H.

    Adam Heunis

    Senior Director, Product Engineering

    As someone who’s been in tech a long time, Attie’s played various roles in delivering both enterprise and consumer-based solutions. He is a self-professed technology geek at heart and has a background in building and architecting web applications, data pipelines, and mastering for analytical workloads. As he’ll tell you himself, “with technology, it’s all about finding the balance between embracing it and corralling it – all to accelerate the delivery and quality of business-critical solutions.” It’s a challenge he loves as much as his second passion, photography.

    Christine H.

    Christine Hurley

    Senior Vice President, Client Services

    Christine joined endpoint in 2021 as SVP, Client Services, bringing over twenty years of clinical development and clinical technology leadership experience. Christine started in the industry as an IRT developer and, while she expanded responsibility into process improvement, outsourcing, partnership strategies and clinical technology leadership, IRT has always remained at her core. Christine is passionate about building healthy, excellent teams and developing leaders. Christine’s role at endpoint is to ensure that endpoint’s leading IRT software is delivered by industry experts with impeccable service, driven by client advocacy. Christine is a regular speaker at clinical technology conferences and a STEM student mentor. When not at work, Christine is the mother of her own budding leader and can often be found reading…preferably on the beach.

    Wonna L.

    Wonna Louie


    Wonna Louie joins endpoint as the Controller based in our SF office. In this role, Wonna will oversee the day to day finance and accounting activities. Wonna comes to endpoint with 15+ years of experience in various roles of increasing responsibility in the world of Finance- with the past several years running Finance functions for technology and services companies. Wonna has demonstrated success in all aspects of finance management including: Corporate accounting and reporting, FP&A and Audit management.

    Beth S.

    Beth Sawyer

    Senior Director of HR

    Based out of the Wakefield, MA office, Beth comes to endpoint with over 15 years of Human Resources experience from a variety of industries – staffing, luxury retail, technology, and most recently a CRO. When she’s not providing leadership coaching, analyzing employee data, and building company culture, Beth spends her time being a mom to her 5-year old son, tending her vegetable garden, and trying out new recipes in her Instant Pot®.

    Christine O.

    Christine Oliver


    Throughout the past two decades, Christine has combined her passion for advancing clinical technology with an entrepreneurial mindset to drive change in getting therapies to patients faster.  Currently serving as the CEO of endpoint Clinical, Christine is proud to be leading a world-class team with a collective vision towards creating seamlessly integrated technology that drives clinical trials forward. Prior to joining endpoint in 2013, Christine worked in a variety of roles in the biotech/pharma industry including a five-year tenure with Takeda Oncology, where she created a team tasked with developing innovative ways to use IRT for clinical supplies logistics as well as forecasting and inventory management. Christine started her IRT career in 2000 as a member of the development team at PAREXEL/Perceptive, she later went on to lead its Product management group.

    Cat H.

    Cat Hall

    VP, Data and Quality

    Cat started her career as an academic scientist in Molecular and Cellular before finishing her MBA and transitioning into Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management. During her career, Cat developed notable expertise not only in clinical supplies but also in training development, process improvement, managing partnerships, and the design and implementation of technologies such as IRT. Catherine is most well known for bringing a focus to bridging the GMP/GCP gap by bringing supply chain customer service through the last mile to patients. Cat joined endpoint in 2019 as VP of Product Strategy to help continue to bring the customer voice forward into shaping the future of IRT. At home Cat is a wife and mother of 4 boys who inspire her every day to find what is good and do better.

    Noushin N.

    Noushin Nahavandi

    Sr. Director Operations

    Work hard, play hard, and when the energy wanes, quickly hit the reset button to recapture it. That’s Noushin’s philosophy and the way she’s kept herself grounded since moving to the US on her own when she was just 18. Since then, she’s rounded out her financial analysis skills and management expertise and taken on expanding roles in operations. And this is where she’s really excelled – breaking processes down into core parts, understanding them inside and out, and solving for roadblocks and hurdles without registering a blip on a client’s timeline.

    Sri K.

    Sri Kadari

    Vice President, APAC Operations

    Sri started her career in the IRT industry in 2000 in the IT and validation group before moving very quickly into the world of client services as a project manager. Sri’s collaborative approach to customer relationships has enabled her to grow into a strategic business leader, spending the last several years managing all operational facets of key global accounts. Sri has an ability to build strong effective teams and has proven how critical it is to the business, she has been instrumental in building self-sustaining teams in Europe, India and other parts in Asia.  In her free time, Sri is always looking forward to and planning her next dream vacation with her family; destination doesn’t matter.

    Jay L.

    Jay Lind

    Sr. Director of Operational Excellence

    Jay promotes operational excellence in his current role, Senior Director of Operations Excellence, striving to evolve and scale the Operations team as endpoint continues to grow. He started life in the IRT industry as a developer in 2000, located in Nottingham, England and in 2008 relocated to Chicago to build and support multiple U.S. software engineering teams. Deciding coding and developing was not for him he decided to change direction and move into a client facing role and became an Account Director role at endpoint. When Jay is not busy working, you can find him on the golf course, watching soccer or spending time with his family.

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