endpoint Launches ConnectionPOINT™

San Francisco, Calif. 21 April 2021: endpoint Clinical, the leading global interactive response technology (IRT®) company, announced today the launch of their partnership program, ConnectionPOINT™, the first-of-its-kind in the eClinical technology space.  The program’s vision is for a guided convergence of a curated network of eClinical providers that are leaders in innovation in their domain and dedicated to shifting towards more thoughtful, next-generation interfacing.

“While this is our official launch of a partnership program, we have been collaborating with best-in-class eClinical technology providers to help transform the future of drug development for over a decade,” says Ryan Keane, CCO, endpoint.  “What we have learned in taking on that commitment of building relationships and technology for such a long time is that you can see further together to drive the industry forward and also have the real ability to reach, and then exceed, those common aims. ConnectionPOINT is the culmination of that success.  It gives sponsors the peace of mind that traditionally disparate systems across multiple eClinical providers are not only communicating seamlessly with one another but pushing boundaries of speed and data efficiency that do not exist in today’s eClinical ecosystem.”

The core mission of ConnectionPOINT is to nurture a sustainable, scalable infrastructure amongst a network of strong, vetted partnerships in support of eClinical business and technology, predicated on the principles of creating opportunities, driving innovation, and harmonizing delivery across the ecosystem.

One of the most compelling applications for these strategic alliances is the reinvigoration in the alignment of technology and service lines that are typically viewed as discrete, essential in their own right, and have familiar legacy intersections – but are now poised to generate new disruptive opportunities. Here is what some of endpoint’s partners are saying about the already-recognized benefits of ConnectionPOINT and achievements through their existing technology interfacing with endpoint’s IRT:

“When TSS and endpoint came together to explore what our companies could accomplish together in our space, we knew instantly that more than the easy wins of legacy touchpoints like basic shipment monitoring was possible,” says Evan Hahn, Vice President North America at TSS, a leading global provider of temperature monitoring technology and services. “All of the conversations at every level between endpoint and TSS — from CEOs to technical SMEs to Business Development —  all quickly resonated with the idea of how far can we push and prepare this part of the ecosystem for changes coming at the industry and a greatly increased need for real-time data and functionality sharing around temperature monitoring. It was clear that endpoint and TSS would quickly assemble the practical, expected foundation of an integrated approach.  Then, move right behind it with the next generation of 2-way, real-time integration that works past the shipment level through to the article level, applies to site inventory as well as the standard shipment need, and is ready to operate in all frontiers where wireless monitor technology is opening this space up. That’s exactly what we did. That straight-line to a goal doesn’t happen without both organizations being highly aligned.”

“One of several direct data collection (DDC) options within encapsia®, eSource DDC holds significant promise for the industry as a standalone option, but its major benefit is bringing simplicity to the complex clinical trials ecosystem of technology and services. To that end, over 2-and-a-half years ago, we leveraged the dynamic architecture of encapsia with the hyper-integration approach endpoint uses in a joint effort to tightly connect systems into one continuum of experience for the sites and study managers alike,” says Temitope Keyes, Executive Director at Cmed Technology. “The encapsia and endpoint teams have demonstrated a deep commitment to partnership, client success, technological innovation, and thought leadership in the industry that drives our mutual ability to deliver a highly harmonized set of systems together successfully. We provide an intuitive and seamless solution for clinical supplies and clinical operations workflows, always in compliance while utilizing dynamic data in near-real-time.”

The spectrum of possibilities can extend from deep interfacing of products to new business models – and require all of the above.

“Systems and tools created by our industry are often very protocol-specific and driven by the needs of the sponsor. As a result, sites are often left with myriad applications to learn as well as the associated login credentials to manage and remember,” says Rick Malone, Business Development Executive at the McCreadie Group. “We are seeking solutions that allow research pharmacy teams the flexibility to complete duties in the workflow they prefer while delivering the protocol-specific needs of the sponsor. We are thrilled to be working with a like-minded partner in endpoint that sees the merging of site needs and sponsor needs via our “first of a kind” integration as a win for all parties involved. McCreadie Group and endpoint have invested over a year developing a solution that makes life easier for sites while providing sponsors with improved data integrity and timeliness.”

“As much as it is a promise to leverage the collective expertise, strengths, and obvious benefits of direct interaction between partners, we acknowledge that it is also creating a challenge to those who join this collective,” says Vincent Puglia, Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances, endpoint.  “Consistent engagement, deepening conversations, breaking down barriers, entertaining new business models, and tirelessly asking ‘what’s next?’ and ‘what else can we do?’ is a considerable commitment. It won’t be for everyone, but for those that adopt a mission like ConnectionPOINT, the quality of the returns cannot be overstated.”

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