IRT Management Solutions

Comprehensive RTSM Solutions for your dynamic clinical trial needs 

Endpoint Clinical’s integrated response technology (IRT), and clinical supplies management solution, streamline complex randomization and trial supply methods, refining and improving your drug supply management, and simplifying site, study, and subject administration. 

With our flexible randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) technology, you can manage a broad range of standard and customized randomization methods, supporting even the most complex trial designs. Our pre-validated, configurable study components enable rapid development and quicker modifications, allowing your team to perform day-to-day tasks more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

With well over 10 years as an industry leader in clinical trial management technology, Endpoint Clinical’s proven RTSM technology ensures that you can focus on the science of developing life-saving medicines. 

IRT Solution

A traditional model that supports the management of every aspect of your study design and allows you flexibility to handle randomization schemes, visit schedules and trial complexities.

Clinical Supply Management Solution

Unprecedented visibility into all your studies through a single, big data platform that seamlessly integrates with PULSE IRT and that can host all of your Phase I, IV and investigator sponsored trials.



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