From the Starting Point All the Way to the End Point

We’ve got you covered from the starting point, through the critical points and all the way to the end point. Other IRT providers claim they can do it, we prove it.

Whether you are looking for a full IRT system or simply the benefits of supply management for your early-phase clinical trials, we have next-generation platforms that support your needs.


A Full-Service IRT Solution

Manage every aspect of your inventory supply chain with real-time reports and configurable supply chain parameters with PULSE.

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Global Inventory Management

Save time, reduce waste and optimize the supply chain for your entire clinical portfolio, including Phase I, IV and Investigator Sponsored Trials.

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Customizable Interactive Response Technology

PULSE, endpoint’s proprietary rules-based core engine, redefines IRT by delivering greater speed, flexibility and control so you can confidently manage your clinical trial and supply chain in real time. It enables rapid development of a customized and validated IRT system that allows you to monitor study data and access administrative tools on a mobile platform, meeting all your trial design needs at a much lower cost than other providers and in a fraction of the time.

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The Benefits of PULSE

Building your IRT system on PULSE allows sponsors and sites to take back control of complex processes. The reporting and messaging functionality helps stakeholders perform day-to-day tasks more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Using PULSE to build a customizable IRT system will:

Accelerate Study Startup

Begin using your custom-built IRT system in just one month. Our PULSE software platform allows you to configure personalized solutions, no matter the complexity, without sacrificing quality.

Provide a Flexible Foundation

Use our pre-validated, configurable study components to develop and modify your IRT system in PULSE, or license it as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to configure and deploy your own system.

Offer Mobile Control

PULSE delivers real-time access to study data and administrative tools via a mobile-optimized interface and gives you the power to monitor your study’s progress and make critical decisions.


Global Inventory Management Across Your Entire Portfolio

Building a stand-alone, fully functional IRT system for every clinical trial study is not necessary, but without one you may be forced to run your Phase I, IV and Invesigator Sponsored Trials manually. DRIVE delivers the benefits of IRT supplies management to your entire development program in one system, enabling automated IRT-like supply functionality that minimizes costs, reduces waste and helps you manage regulations across sites.

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The Benefits of DRIVE

The DRIVE system allows sponsors and sites to manage a trial at the program level. The system performs tasks like managing drug expiration, monitoring pooled supplies and IRT protocols, and screening country and site sourcing in real time.

Using DRIVE for your supply management needs will:

Minimize Costs

Eliminate many of the manual process steps and reduce paper-based communications with DRIVE. Our global supply management system is set up to mimic real-life processes and store your important information electronically, saving you both time and money.

Reduce Waste

DRIVE allows you to manage all your drug depot inventory in a central location — standardizing drug management across all your programs, tracking bulk and serialized drug expiration dates and configuring depot shipping settings on the fly.

Help You Manage Regulatory Requirements

Use DRIVE’s real-time, sponsor-level reporting to optimize your supply chain. Comply with local regulations by staying on top of your protocols, managing country and site sourcing, and tracking your supplies during transitional times.

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