DRIVE Benefits

Efficient management of a clinical supply chain enables companies to improve the patient and site experience, minimize waste, reduce costs, and improve the productivity of clinical trials. DRIVE was developed to provide that value to endpoint clients.

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Manage Trial Supplies on a Program Level

DRIVE empowers sponsors to manage trials at the program level. By using DRIVE, you can manage drug expiry, monitor pooled supplies and IRT protocols, and screen country and site sourcing in real time.

Access Everything in One Portal

Experience the convenience and power of having a full suite of study management tools and reports easily accessible in one portal.

Apply to all Trial Types

You can use DRIVE for trials of all types, from Phase I-IV, including adaptive designs. Sponsors can also apply DRIVE in trials not using an IRT system or involving patient randomization, such as certain Phase I and IV studies, as well as investigator-initiated trials.

Manage Regulatory Requirements

Use DRIVE’s real-time, sponsor-level reporting to optimize your supply chain and maintain oversight. Stay on top of your protocols to manage and control sourcing and release of inventory at country, depot, and site levels. Comply with regulations to demonstrate full traceability of supplies from end to end.

Make Complex Tasks Easier

Simplify the implementation of difficult tasks such as drug pooling, reconciliation, and adaptive designs. Experience DRIVE’s flexibility, intuitive interface, and powerful features and functionality that make managing clinical supplies easier and more efficient.

Improve the Patient Experience

Monitor and guarantee product integrity and patient safety better across studies. DRIVE assures clients that no patient or site will be without investigational drug for patient visits.

Access Experienced Clinical Supplies Professionals

Tap the experience and expertise of endpoint professionals who have supported hundreds of clinical trials over the past ten years. Each deployment of DRIVE is developed, built, tested, hosted and supported by client-obsessed employees at endpoint.

Minimize Paper-based Applications

Eliminate manual processes and reduce paper-based communications with DRIVE. Leverage DRIVE’s capabilities to mimic real-life processes and store your important information electronically, saving you both time and money.

Contribute to a Healthy Environment

DRIVE’s ability to minimize waste helps protect the environment as less drugs need to be destroyed and disposed.