DRIVE: Clinical Supply Management Solution

An enterprise-level solution, DRIVE, enables you to manage clinical supplies at the sponsor, depot, and site levels, providing your team with full visibility and traceability of inventory across all trials, inclusive or exclusive of the use of an IRT.

At a Glance

  • An enterprise-level clinical supplies management technology
  • Developed, supported, and maintained by customer-obsessed Endpoint Clinical professionals
  • Inspired by client needs to manage all trial types from one system, with or without an IRT system.
  • Provides full visibility and traceability of supplies from end-to-end across all studies in one portal.
  • Makes complex tasks (e.g., drug pooling, reconciliation) simple
  • Improves the patient experience and site performance

All in one portal, DRIVE’s user-friendly interface enables you to easily monitor the manufacturing, packaging, labeling, ordering, shipping, and tracking of supplies globally across all clinical trials your team is conducting.

DRIVE will empower you to conduct complex tasks, such as just-in-time labeling and drug pooling to better manage product expiry and reduce waste.

DRIVE Benefits

Efficient management of a clinical supply chain enables companies to improve the patient and site experience, minimize waste, reduce costs, and improve the productivity of clinical trials. DRIVE was developed to provide that value to Endpoint Clinical clients.

Manage Trial Supplies on a Program Level

DRIVE empowers sponsors to manage trials at the program level. By using DRIVE, you can manage drug expiry, monitor pooled supplies and IRT protocols, and screen country and site sourcing in real time.

Access Everything in One Portal

Experience the convenience and power of having a full suite of study management tools and reports easily accessible in one portal.

Apply to all Trial Types

You can use DRIVE for trials of all types, from Phase I-IV, including adaptive designs. Sponsors can also apply DRIVE in trials not using an IRT system or involving patient randomization, such as certain Phase I and IV studies, as well as investigator-initiated trials.

DRIVE Functionality

The complexity of clinical trials requires technologies that give clinical supplies professionals full visibility, traceability, and control of inventory at the manufacturing, depot, site, and patient levels. DRIVE exists to satisfy those needs.

DRIVE Toolkit

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