Integrations & Interfacing

eClinical Integrations & Interfacing

To “be the go-to” interface expert and partner, endpoint leverages powerful centralized integration technology combined with the flexibility of its RTSM platforms to allow for near limitless real-time interfacing and data-aggregation abilities.

By utilizing Product Integration teams – focused on innovation, standardization, and building solid conventions – along with the Operations Teams dedicated to client goals, the complete spectrum of protocol-specific to the sponsor-level portfolio of data and systems interfacing is possible.

This is the basis of endpoint’s technique in developing a very successful history with integrations, which are implemented on over 95% of studies:

Proactively identify and engage with external ecosystems, partners, and/or service providers

Help connect efforts across Sponsors, CROs, Sites, Patients, and Service-Providers

Build and precisely deliver scalable interfaces and integrations designed to reduce overhead on study teams

Endpoint Clinical Integrations

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