Clinical Supplies

Visibility. Proactivity. Efficiency. IRT for the Supply Chain.

endpoint’s customer-obsessed team of professionals have curated a suite of technologies designed to bring efficiency to your supply chain. Our proactive clinical inventory management system helps prevent drug shortages through streamlined workflows, centralized control points, predictive supply algorithms, and robust end-to-end visibility. endpoint is the partner you can trust to deliver innovative solutions to meet all your supply chain needs.

Control Supply Chain Chaos

A clinical trial only runs smoothly with proper oversight and operation. Take control of your supply chain with the information you need to manage each study at your fingertips and the ability to execute every stage as you see fit.

  • Supply Chain Reports – View the real-time status of your supplies, shipments, and kits in fine detail – across multiple programs and protocols
  • Shipments – Manage drug ordering at the study and site level with automated initiation, tracking, receipt, and temperature excursion functionality
  • Drug Release & Country Approval – Designate unique lots of available drugs to ship to required locations
  • Expiry Management – Manage lot assignment and expiry data from the study level down to an individual kit
  • Supply Chain Insights – Identify upcoming supply needs with configurable web reports
  • Accountability – Maintain end-to-end supplies accountability from release through destruction – regardless of the final destination
  • Integration – Integrate depot, site, and subject data for automated order fulfillment

Utmost Efficiency with Intuitive Experiences

At endpoint we’re customer-obsessed, bringing your needs front-and-center in our continuous technology development process. Whether that’s a “traditional” standalone IRT system, or a portfolio of studies managed through a centralized clinical supply platform – we can support it all. With PULSE®, you’ll get the best of a configurable and customizable IRT, focused on delivering high-quality clinical trials. With DRIVE, you’ll build efficiency through a streamlined inventory and site management platform, supporting all your study needs from Phase I to Phase IV and beyond.

  • Centralized tracking and management of supplies across all trials including Phase I- IV and investigator sponsored trials
  • Enable proactive inventory import, setup and depot distribution
  • Centralized management of site information
  • Clear visibility and reporting capabilities at a portfolio, program or study level
  • Clear visibility and reporting capabilities at a portfolio, program or study level
  • Greater control and oversight through centralized administration of user roles
  • Centralized integration with other eClinical Technologies

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