Outsourcing – RTSM

Synergy. Efficiency. Control. RTSM Designed for Partnership.

Drive the creation of products that transform the clinical trial experience – for sponsors, sites, and patients. With a centralized hub for all eClinical technology, you can establish vendor-to-vendor standards that drive seamless study operation. And with a partner invested in your ultimate objectives, together, we can create an RTSM experience that stimulates greater efficiency, quality, and control.

Continuously Evolving to Your Needs

True partnership and trust is invaluable in any line of work – In clinical trials, it’s everything. As our partner, your stakeholders’ needs drive the continuous evolution of our technology. We’ll help you better manage your clinical trials by finding an ideal solution – your solution.

Centralize Your Trial Management

Leverage a universal trial hub through DRIVE, providing real-time integration with other eClinical technologies. You’ll have greater data visibility, improved site compliance, and more effective patient data management across all your studies.

Utmost Efficiency with Intuitive Experiences

There’s no efficiency in building a stand-alone RTSM system for each and every study. Whether you’re running Phase I, IV, or investigator sponsored trials, you need a clinical inventory management hub that automates RTSM-like supply functionality across all of your programs. With endpoint DRIVE, you’ll streamline your study even further with intuitive experiences for sites and sponsors. It’s why end-users are front-and-center in our continuous technology development process.

  • Clear visibility and reporting capabilities at a portfolio, program or study level
  • Greater control and oversight through centralized administration of user roles
  • Centralized management of site information
  • Centralized integration with other eClinical Technologies
  • Centralized tracking and management of supplies across all trials including Phase I- IV and investigator sponsored trials
  • Enable proactive inventory import, setup, and depot distribution

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