CASE STUDY: Adopting A Sponsor-Level Solution For Managing Drug Supplies

When Blueprint approached us with a crucial yet common problem, it was the perfect opportunity for endpoint Clinical to create an innovative system that brought all clinical trials under one IRT solution, allowing the sponsor to use a pooled supply strategy for multiple trials.

The answer was Drive, our turn-key solution that unified all of the complex and later-phase trials in the pipeline. Among other efficiencies and benefits, Blueprint was able to improve supply oversight and compliance, consolidate inventory data for accurate forecasting, and maintain a flexible inventory status to quickly respond to unforeseen enrollments.

Download this case study to learn:

  • How inefficient, standalone systems can impact all study types (including Phase I, single-arm/ non-randomized and compassionate use trials)
  • Efficiencies created through a unified supply chain management solution for all study types
  • The benefits implementing this new approach for Sponsors and sites

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