CASE STUDY: Adopting A Sponsor-Level Solution For Managing Drug Supplies

Managing multiple clinical studies through various phases of development across multiple sites is a complex operation.

Moreover, when each study uses its own supply of drugs and is managed in its own standalone IRT system, the complications and inefficiencies multiply – both for the Sponsor and investigators. To overcome this challenge, Blueprint Medicines turned to endpoint Clinical for help on creating a unified, seamless technology experience for all the company’s studies, notably to include early phase, investigator-initiated, and compassionate use studies.

Download this Case Study to learn:

  • Challenges faced with inefficient, standalone systems to manage all study types (including Phase I, single-arm/ non-randomized and compassionate use trials)
  • Efficiencies created through a unified supply chain management solution for all study types
  • The benefits implementing this new approach for Sponsors and sites

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