WEBINAR: Accelerating DCT Adoption – Integrated Partnering Is Key

The clinical trials landscape is filled with an assortment of solutions for Sponsors to meet demanding challenges in today’s fast-moving environment. The selection of a flexible and agile platform to help companies drive their development forward is necessary to achieve optimal results. Sponsors face challenges around remotely collecting and integrating disparate data, the immediate availability of data, and the need for powerful visualizations to give them insights, down to the source level, to act and optimize their trials. These challenges can be solved with a sophisticated technology solution built to address these issues. In this session, we will discuss the approaches for implementing this new patient-centric model and cover the following areas:

What you’ll learn:

  • Integrated Direct Data Capture and IRT to facilitate the clinical supply chain and ensure JIT delivery to patients from the first to last visit, globally
  • How site-focused, subject-first, dynamic technology supports multi-modal drug supply while enabling valuable research site relationships in DCT
  • Integrated data to optimize screening, shipping, reporting, and accountability/returns
  • Risk management for DCT –eClinical tools to automate data flow and gain real-time insights for patient safety, drug integrity, and a fully visible audit trail from distribution to dosing


Temitope Keyes

Executive Director, Business Development Technology

Temitope (Tope) Keyes brings 22 years of clinical R&D experience, which began on the sponsor side, with the majority of that primarily in the eClinical solutions space. She has a passion for technology and its ability to advance important research and successful trial execution. Her experience began in pre-clinical purchasing and clinical outsourcing roles at Astra-Zeneca and Sanofi, followed by almost 15 years in business development with the likes of ERT, Synteract, Datatrak, and Axiom Real-Time Metrics. Tope joined Cmed Technology in 2020.

Vincent Puglia

Senior Director, Strategic Alliances

Vincent is a life-long operations and business management professional with a 24-year career across construction, environmental science, technology, and pharmaceuticals. Vincent provides leadership at the nexus of building relationships, innovating technology, and driving collaborative efforts to design, build and grow systems of all types and complexity in the real and digital world in the service of patients and clinical trials.

Mark Tomlinson

Senior Director, Technology Operations

Mark Tomlinson has 30 years’ experience in supporting the delivery of clinical trials, with the last 20 years focused on client delivery and adoption of technologies such as EDC and eSource. Mark is a firm believer in the power of collaboration to appreciate the real needs of technology users and ensure any adoption brings true efficiencies and return on investment.

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