WEBINAR: Strengthen The Ties That Bind: Seamless IRT And EDC Integration

In this webinar, partners endpoint and THREAD dig-in to explore the tightly integrated workflow can enhance and simplify decentralized (DCT) and hybrid studies.

An integrated IRT system is critical to the success of randomization and DCTs, especially since these types of studies are well-suited to work together efficiently. With robust 2-way connectivity and consistent message structure, our system
ensures that all study goals are successfully met, such as code reusability, participant re-consent, removing manual input, and avoiding entry of duplicate data.

It also illustrates the technology data flow, detailing the different ways that participants can communicate with the study team, and how the different aspects of the study (drug dispersion, re-screening, consent) are fully streamlined to ensure maximum time efficiency and data accuracy. This highlights how crucial the integration process is, and the results illustrate how tightly the pieces fit together.

This webinar focuses on how IRT integration can positively affect:

  • Randomizing with minimal site interaction
  • Minimizing duplication of data
  • Managing the re-screen process
  • Managing the re-consent process
  • Managing dispensation

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