WEBINAR: The First of Its Kind

How An Integration Of Endpoint Clinical’s And McCreadie Group’s Software Solutions Streamline Research Pharmacy Processes

Watch Rick Malone, Business Development Executive at the McCreadie Group, and Vincent Puglia, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances at endpoint, as they offer a solution to the current struggles IDS sites and sponsors have been facing. The integration of the two companies’ technology solutions allows for bidirectional flow of data between Endpoint Clinical’s IRT and study sites, including validation steps at critical points in the study. The result is a simplified process for the site, a lowered risk of protocol deviations, and improved integrity and timeliness of data.

What you’ll learn:

  • Challenges that IDS sites and sponsors face and how those led to the integration
  • How the two systems cohesively work together to offer enhanced features and functionality
  • Ways the integration streamlines the process, resulting in benefits for IDS sites, sponsors, monitors, and patients

Richard Malone, Pharm.D.,MHA

Business Development Executive
McCreadie Group, Inc

Dr. Malone develops partnerships with sponsors, IRTs, and other entities to add efficiency to clinical trial data capture and the supply chain process. He is also involved in the expansion of the company’s presence at clinical trial sites. Rick has over 25 years of clinical, operational, and administrative experience in positions ranging from Critical Care and Cardiology Clinical Pharmacist to CEO.

Vincent Puglia

Senior Director, Strategic Alliances
Endpoint Clinical

Vincent is a life-long operations and business management professional with a 24-year career across construction, environmental science, technology, and pharmaceuticals. Vincent provides leadership at the nexus of building relationships, innovating technology, and driving collaborative efforts to design, build and grow systems of all types and complexity in the real and digital world in the service of patients and clinical trials.

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