PULSE: Dynamic IRT Solution

PULSE was designed to be more flexible, easier to modify, and quicker to develop than any other IRT system on the market.  Although clinical trials have become more complex, managing them should be simple.

DRIVE: Clinical Supply Management Solution

 Unprecedented visibility into all your studies through a single, big data platform that seamlessly integrates with PULSE IRT and that can host all of your Phase I, IV and investigator sponsored trials.


Harnessing the Value of Data to Maximize Your eClinical Assets

Join Cat Hall, VP Data and Quality, as she uncovers common integrations pitfalls, improved methods to analyze data, the implications of data changes, and ways to maximize reconciliation efforts by harnessing the complete value of your data! 

Drug Pooling: An Untapped Clinical Supply Chain Strategy

Over the past two decades, the Clinical Supply Chain discipline, within the pharmaceutical industry, has sought a variety of strategies to ensure the right medicine gets to the right patient at the right time most effectively and efficiently. Even though these transformative strategies save effort, time, and budget, some, like drug pooling, still aren’t commonly used throughout the industry today. 

Top Considerations for IRT Audit Data Management 

In recent years there has been an increase in regulatory scrutiny from clinical trial governing agencies, with a particular focus on the validation of computer systems and the need for verification of data integrity and reliability through audit trail review. This heightened attention has created the need for Sponsors to understand their audit data more completely and create a plan for management.

Maximize Value with 2-Way Integrations in Clinical Trial Management

In this webinar, presented by endpoint and TSS, learn the full potential of technology integrations in clinical trial management, and how you can use 2-way integrations to maximum value.

Industry Secrets to Enhance Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management

In this webinar you will discover the best ways to effectively enhance a clinical trial supply chain by utilizing technology to get complete visibility and traceability of clinical trial inventory. Technology can improve the patient and site experience, minimize waste, improve supply utilization and thus improve the overall clinical trial supply chain.

Strengthen The Ties That Bind: Seamless IRT And EDC Integration

In this webinar, partners endpoint and THREAD dig-in to explore the tightly integrated workflow for decentralized and hybrid studies.

Watch now and learn how IRT can be integrated with electronic data capture (EDC) systems to support decentralized and hybrid trials.

Key Considerations for Planning Complex Clinical Trials

In this session Endpoint Clinical’s VP, Data and Quality, Cat Hall shares efficient clinical trial design strategies that expedite the development of oncology drugs and biologics and how leveraging technology is necessary for navigating today’s drivers of change.

Accelerating DCT Adoption – Integrated Partnering Is Key

 Sponsors face challenges around remotely collecting and integrating disparate data, the immediate availability of data, and the need for powerful visualizations to give them insights, down to the source level, to act and optimize their trials.

The First Of Its Kind: How An Integration Of Endpoint’s And McCreadie Group’s Software Solutions Streamline Research Pharmacy Processes

Watch Rick Malone, Business Development Executive at the McCreadie Group, and Vincent Puglia, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances at endpoint, as they offer a solution to the current struggles IDS sites and sponsors have been facing. 

The Importance of Data Integrity and Accessibility in Successful Clinical Trial Management

Cat Hall, VP Data and Quality at Endpoint Clinical sits down for a chat with Patrick Nadolny, Global Head, Clinical Data Management, at Sanofi, and they discuss all things data – how it’s relevance and accessibility has flourished, how It is shaping the clinical trial industry, and the expected growth of data strategy as technologies and the roles in data management evolve.  

Articles & Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Endpoint Clinical Achieves More Compliant Audit Data Submission with Egnyte

To ensure Sponsors and Investigators maintain regulatory compliance and data integrity amid increasing Health Authority guidelines, Endpoint Clinical and partner, Egnyte™, created the Audit Data Management platform. A validated IRT system integration that extracts IRT transaction audit log data and provides these to Investigators directly in a GXP-compliant and secure platform.

WHITEPAPER: Securing the Integrity of Investigator-Owned Audit Trail Data

Driven by increased regulatory scrutiny from clinical trial governing agencies, with a particular focus on the validation of computer systems and the need for verification of data integrity and reliability through audit trail review, the need has arisen for a validated system that provides IRT transaction audit log data for each site and delivers data files to Investigators directly in a GXP-compliant and secure platform.

Master Protocols Demand a Master Plan for the IRT

Master protocols are single trials that explore the therapeutic effect of one or more agents through a series of sub-studies and are intended to speed life-saving therapies to market with process efficiencies. The article below explores these complex trial designs in relation to the IRT and what should be done when planning around unknowns and choosing the right technology vendor for managing these complex studies.

Virtual Trials and Direct-to-Patient Logistics

Direct-to-Patient (DTP) logistics and decentralized clinical trials (DCT) are no longer a thing of the future. They are in use today, they are staying, and they’ve brought advances in study timeline efficiencies, patient retention, and supplies management technologies that we never thought possible.

Adopting A Sponsor-Level Solution For Managing Drug Supplies

Managing multiple clinical studies through various phases of development across multiple sites is a complex operation.

To overcome this challenge, Blueprint Medicines turned to endpoint Clinical for help on creating a unified, seamless technology experience for all the company’s studies, notably to include early phase, investigator-initiated, and compassionate use studies.

Maintaining GDPR Compliance upon Brexit

endpoint has been staying abreast of the situation, making contingency plans, and completing preparatory steps so that the work we perform on a sponsors’ behalf will continue without interruption or complication, no matter how the withdrawal unfolds. Below, we highlight both what we are doing in preparation and offer recommendations to sponsors on steps they should be taking in advance of 31 January 2020 so that they remain in compliance with GDPR.


Virtually Connecting and Educating the Life Science Industry

No matter where you are in the world, our goal is to stay connected and continuously engage with the life science industry. We welcome you to download any of our topics below in our virtual education series to learn more from our experts. We’ll continually be adding new content to the series, so be sure to check back often. We encourage you to continue discussions on any of the topics with us or recommend areas you’d like to learn more about from one of our experts in a future series. Feel free to reach out by emailing us at, and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Implementing Technology to Support Remote Trials

Listen as Alison (Ali) Holland, Head of Decentralized Trials s at Medable, joins Vincent Puglia, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances at endpoint to discuss implementing technology to support remote trials.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Your VPN – Lessons Learned at RSA 2020

Join endpoint’s Sr. Director of IT, John Jankowski as he shares what he learned at RSA about how to stop worrying and start loving your VPN. Even security experts make mistakes, find out what mistakes the security experts make and how you can do better.

COVID-19 Transforming Suppliers to Partners: Will It Last?

Rick Malone, Business Development Watch endpoint Clinical’s presentation “COVID-19 Transforming Suppliers to Partners: Will It Last?” from the virtual session at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials West Coast 2021.

Innovative Trial Design during COVID-19

Watch Cat Hall, VP of Product Strategy at endpoint Clinical presentation “Innovative Trial Design during COVID-19” at Clinical Trials Europe 2020.

Interfacing – It’s Okay To Have FITS! (If It Is Fearlessly Integrated Trial Systems)

It’s okay to have FITS! (If it is Fearlessly Integrated Trial Systems, presented by endpoint’s Vincent Puglia, Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances.

Leveraging Technology to Simplify Oncology Trial Complexity

This session, led by endpoint’s VP of Clinical Innovation and Quality, Cat Hall discussing how efficient clinical trial design strategies that expedite the development of oncology drugs and biologics are necessary.

Case Study on Direct-to-Patient Logistics

Learning from the evolution of technology and trial design to address the barriers of Direct to Patient and how COVID-19 is reshaping the future of decentralized trials.

A Deep Dive into Virtual Trials and Direct-to-Patient Logistics

Catherine Hall, VP Product Strategy at endpoint Clinical tells the story of the past of Direct to Patient Distribution and speculates on the future at Direct-to-Patient and Virtual, Decentralized, and Hyper Clinical Trials.

Blockchain in IRT and Beyond

Blockchain’s tamper-proof audit trails for any kind of data that has high data integrity and accountability to securely connect stakeholders in clinical trials across sponsors, vendors, sites, monitors, and regulators; facilitating trust and collaboration in the clinical research space leading to higher efficiency in the clinical research space.

Breaking Data Silos for Frictionless Data − How to Harness Diverse Partners in a Virtual World

Decentralized Clinical Trials are growing in prevalence and complexity. Sponsors are adding new tools and new partners. Data flow is no longer a one-way street. Trial partners need frictionless, bi-directional data connections that are site and system agnostic. Join us to learn more.

How the Interconnection of People, Process and Technology is Reshaping Clinical Trials

Join Cat Hall VP of Product Strategy at endpoint Clinical presenting the evolution of technology and trial design to address the barriers of Direct to Patient and how COVID-19 is reshaping the future of decentralized trials.

Inspection Readiness and COVID-19

Join Jack Farrell Director or Quality Trust and Compliance at endpoint Clinical to learn how COVID-19 has impacted inspection readiness.

Virtual Trials and Direct-to-Patient Logistics Discussion

Listen to Catherine Hall, VP of Product Strategy at endpoint Clinical as she discusses virtual trials and direct-to-patient logistics with Michael MacNeir, VP Commercial Operations North America at Marken.

How COVID-19 is Changing Drug Development through Disruptive Innovation

In the post-COVID-19 world, we see disruptive innovation, inspiring a change in momentum to create new therapies quickly and efficiently from discovery to launch.

Employing Technology to Better Manage Your Supply Chain

Technology solutions can provide visibility to a variety of information, giving you unparalleled data transparency to help you streamline supply chain operations and accelerate trial timelines.

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